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Litigation Support

GRS consultants have extensive experience in the geospatial and remote sensing fields and the application of these technologies to natural resource, forestry, and wildland fire issues.  Ken Stumpf and John Koltun have 30 and 25 years of experience respectively in geospatial sciences and both are Registered Foresters in the state of California. This in-depth knowledge of the application of GIS and remote sensing within these fields can be brought to bear on complex litigation cases involving natural resources and geospatial data.  Our case experience includes the analysis of forest inventory systems, wildfire damage assessments, loss analysis, map development, and geospatial data forensics. Ken and John have been retained in the roles of expert witnesses and consultants.

Wildfire Litigation

fir severity mapDue to our extensive experience in forestry, wildfire, and complex GIS modeling and analysis, GRS consultants have been retained to support wildfire litigation teams. These cases require the application of GIS to forestry and wildfire issues in determination of damages, behavior, and temporal analysis.  In addition, GRS performs forensic GIS analysis to evaluate the spatial processes used for various determinations.



GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant