Geographic Resource Solutions

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GRS has been provided consultation, training, and applications development for Intergraph systems since 1989.  Our consultants have been working with Intergraph systems since the late 1970's and were selected by Intergraph and trained in the Intergraph Registered Consultant (IRC) program.


GRS consultants have worked closely with Intergraph's developers and have served as advisors on the product-development steering committees for GeoMedia and MGE.   With this experience we have designed and implemented departmental and enterprise systems, trained users, and provided ongoing support to Intergraph customers throughout the U.S.Intergraph

GeoMedia and GeoMedia Professional

Intergraph's GeoMedia GIS products offer an innovative solutions to enterprise data access.  Based on the Open GIS (OGIS) consortium model for data access, GeoMedia allows you to access multiple data sources in different map projections "on the fly."  Current data sources include ArcMap/ArcGIS Shape files, Arc/Info Coverages, Oracle SDC, Oracle SDO, MGE, MapInfo, FRAMME, DGN, DXF, and others.   The GeoMedia products offer full GIS functionality including advanced spatial analysis, plotting, editing, and data validation.


Intergraph's MGE suite of GIS products were built upon the Microstation (Bentley Systems) CAD engine. These products offered one of the most comprehensive set of spatial analysis and data management tools available at the time.  Now, mostly replaced by GeoMedia and ArcGIS, there are still a number of MGE clients still out there.  GRS maintains our systems for these clients and continues to provide support, development, and training for these products.  We haven't forgotten you!

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GRS  offers customized training, data services, and application development for Intergraph's GeoMedia and MGE suite of products.


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant