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TransIn makes the transect data collection process efficient and precise by providing a standard routine for data entry.   Helpful for any kind of transect data, TransIn was specifically written for data collected with the GRS Densitometer.   TransIn will check the transect data as it is entered into a data collector helping to prevent problems caused by data collection errors.  TransIn will run on any MS-DOS based hand-held data collector with CGA (text) capabilities.

TransIn Features

Robust Field Data Entry

TransIn has been designed to allow data collection using a handheld digital data recorder as an easy-to-use alternative to paper plot-cards for data entry.  Most handhelds have enough storage for many days worth of data.   (although, it is recommended that you down load data on a daily basis in case of loss or damage).   After the data is collected using TransIn on a handheld data recorder, it can be quickly transferred to a PC for processing or storage. TransIn can also be run on any Windows PC to enter data that has already been recorded using paper plot cards.


TransIn makes extensive use of pick lists for the coding of various vegetation and structure characteristics such as species, species group, structure, snag class, and size.  TransIn pick lists and validation rules can be customized by simply editing a text parameter file.   The parameter file is well documented and can be edited in the field if necessary.

Error Prevention

TransIn has the benefit of error flagging during the data input in the field.   If data is out of range or of the wrong type, TransIn will stop the entry until the error is corrected.  This prevents the user from entering data that is blatantly wrong such as missing data, invalid species codes, spectral contribution codes, or points out of sequence.  On-site error correction helps to prevent the need to estimate corrections or throw out plots which have errors discovered during post-collection processing.


Download a demo of TransIn from our downloads page.


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