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Sanitary Engineering GIS Database

GRS was contracted by the Central Contra Costa Sanitary District for the development of a schematic sewer system database suitable for modeling, monitoring, and analyzing the District’s sewer facilities.  Other objectives were the development of permit/parcel relationships and main/lateral/parcel relationships.


Parcel Database Update

The objective of this project was the update and correction of the existing Placer County Assessor’s Parcel Database. The parcel data had been converted based on 1997 Assessor’s maps records and was both out of date and in need of correction.  In addition, the 279 separate AutoCAD dwg files were not capable of being used in a GIS for spatial analysis or query.


CalTrans Topographic Map Conversion

For 11 years GRS had been either the primary or secondary conversion contractor for the California Department of Transportation (CalTrans). GRS was awarded a series of annual indefinite quantity contracts for digitizing drafted topographic maps into a MicroStation format from any of the ten district offices in California. These projects required GRS cartographers and technicians to interpret over 78 feature types in 10 categories during the capture of the highly detailed large scale topographic sheets using manual digitizing and scanning techniques.


Resource and Infrastructure GIS

GRS designed and implemented a GIS for the Trinidad Rancheria for use in managing natural resources and protecting water quality. 


CSX Conrail Data Integration

GRS processed and integrated over 200 counties of Conrail Rail System data (centerlines, mileposts, and other rail features) into the existing CSX Real Property GIS data set.


Spatial Data Adjustment and Validation

GRS was contracted by CSX Realty to improve the spatial accuracy of existing CSX GIS data.  The original CSX GIS data consisted of over 35,000 scanned Valuation Maps and corresponding vector themes derived from these scanned maps.


Forest Managment Planimetric Update

The objective of this project was to update International Paper Corp. spatial database for 512,000 acres based on current digital orthophotography.  Features included property boundaries, forest stand boundaries, roads, streams, and lakes.  


City of Eureka GIS Services

This project involved the compilation of the spatial information representing the City of Eureka parcel basemap, zoning, general plan land use designations, street sign locations, street centerlines and intersections, 1990 and 2000 census blocks and tracts, and fire response areas for the city and surrounding areas.  


USFWS Fire Managment GIS

GRS was contracted by the Alaska Region of the US Fish and Wildlife Service to compile a comprehensive GIS database for fire management and coordination.  GRS compiled over 150 GIS themes from various state and federal agencies relating to fire management, resource descriptions, physical features, transportation, and land cover. 


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant