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Spatial Analysis and Modeling

In 2004, GRS was awarded the Special Achievement in GIS (SAG) award by ESRI for our fire risk modeling work on the Municipality of Anchorage Phase II Fire GIS project. This is but one of numerous notable modeling and analysis projects that GRS h as completed over the last 20 years. Our project results have been presented at professional conferences including Alaska Survey and Mapping, American Society of Photogrammetry and Remote Sensing, Society of American Foresters, Intergraph User's Group, and the ESRI International Users Conference.

Galena Forest (Biomass) Inventory and Long-term Sustained Yield Planning

In late January, 2013 Geographic Resource Solutions (GRS) released the This report describes the detailed vegetation/land cover/biomass inventory developed for approximately 1.25 million acres of wildlands in the vicinity of Galena that was used to estimate forest growth and biomass availability and project the magnitude and sustainability of future harvest levels through the end of this century. It represents the combination of field data collection, image classification, growth projection, harvest scheduling, and long-term sustained yield planning services, all performed by GRS.  The resulting information provided the basis for a determination of the feasibility of developing biomass fueled power generation for the community of Galena. This Project was funded by grants from the Alaska Energy Authority and the Bureau of Land Management.


FRCC Analysis to Support Fire Management

GRS was contracted by US Fish and Wildlife service to develop a model for the determination of Biophysical Settings, current vegetation condition for the subsequent analysis of the Fire Regime and Condition Class (FRCC).


Fire Exposure Modeling

GRS was selected by the Municipality of Anchorage (MOA) to perform a fire hazard and exposure modeling analysis in the Wildland Urban Interface (WUI).


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