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Software Development

GRS develops GIS and Remote Sensing applications and utilities customized to enhance the capabilities of your off-the-shelf GIS software.  Our software development projects range from time-saving scripts to complete application suites including modified user interfaces and automated workflows.  GRS uses the ESRI programming interface to develop complex spatial analysis models such as wildfire hazard assessment, parcel notification, and fire regime analysis.

GRS also designs and develops a wide range of stand-alone software for a variety of applications.  GRS applications include programming handheld computers for field data collection, database applications for forest inventory and planning, forest growth and yeild applications, spectral classification, and landcover class aggregation (polygon formation).

GRS has designed algorithms for the analysis and process of vector features and developed software for the bulk assessment, correction and validation of GIS themes. These tools are frequently placed into automated workflows that facilitate the sharing of data between geospatial and CAD applications.

GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant