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Mobil Data Collection

Soon after the advent of handheld computers GRS adopted them for the collection of field data.  We recognized that this technology has tremendous advantages over the old printed card or field book methods of recording data.   Handheld computers offer your field crews immediate data validation, data summary, code-lookup, and procedure documentation.  All of these features are available while the data are being collected.  In addition to eliminating the data-entry step back in the office, field data software can enforce data rules, reducing lost plots due to incomplete or missing data.  Over the 20-plus years the GRS has been developing handheld software, the systems have become lighter, more robust, and easier to program.  Our landcover mapping field crews continue use handhelds for on-site data entry as do most of our clients.

The following is a small sample of the programs that GRS had designed and implemented over the years:


TransIn was designed for point-transect data entry that is complementary to the data-collection methods using the GRS Densitometer.   TransIn provides customizable lookup lists and comprehensive field-data validation.  This software is used by GRS field crews and tested during thousands of hours of field work.

A complete description of TransIn...


CE_Trees is a forest inventory data collection application that allows for point or fixed plot sampling.  It provides code lists, calculators, data validation, plot validation, and data editing.  It also provides plot and stand summaries and data editing.

Exotic Plants Data Entry System (EDES)

This data entry package is integrated with ESRI's ArcPad mobile GIS.  GRS designed this program for US Fish and Wildlife Service exotic plant survey crews so that they may enter tabular and spatial data relating to exotic plants.  The combination of a mobile GIS with GPS provides the additonal benefits of recording accurate plot locaitons and navigation.


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