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Image/Raster Processing Software

GRS has developed specialized algorithms and applications to enable the accurate classification and identification of complex spatial features (objects) from digital imagery.  Three of these programs are  noteworthy:

1.  GRSillumCor - this program processes satllite imagery and performs an illumination correction, a correction process that attempts to remove the effects of differential illumination on the digital image values.  Using this process has been shown to result in less spectral confusion and the need for less field data (ground-truth) as the effects of differential slope and aspect on the satellite image data are corrected resulting in amore correct representation of the satellite image data.

2.  GRScovMatrixSum - this program summarizes cover data and generates stand or field site summary information at the species-specific or feature levels; in addition it processes the cover data to develop type names and other categorical stand values.Computations are based on the weighted average of the different classes that comprise a stand (polygon) or field sample area.  All summary data are output so they may be uploaded into database table(s) and/or reviewed in a report format.

3.  GRSaggregate - This process performs the aggregation of large scale raster data (pixel class data) into vector-based polygon data based on user-defined rules that are used to judge the similarity and dissimilarity of adjacent features.  Raster data are aggregated based on minimizing the differences of similarity until all resulting stands meet the user defined Mimimum Mapping Size Limit(s).Classification aggregation


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