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Spatial Data Solutions

The foundation of a successful Geographic Information System is accurate and reliable data. We use the latest technologies to create, assemble, and validate GIS-ready data. Regardless of your application,   natural resources, utilities, urban planning, land use, soils, roads, or others, we can assist you in creating reliable GIS data.  Our years of experience in data services and operations and our sensitivity to customer needs assure the highest standards in data development.

  • GIS Data Compilation
  • Data Conversion/Digitizing
  • Data Cleaning and Validation
  • Digital Photo  Interpretation
  • Custom Data Translation
  • Cartographic Plotting
  • Off-Site GIS Management

Spatial Data Conversion/Digitizing

The greatest single cost in implementing a GIS is the conversion of your existing printed maps and CAD data to GIS format. This process can be a daunting task and can easily overwhelm (and delay) the GIS implementation process.  GRS has extensive experience in the development of GIS data though digitizing, scanning, CAD-conversion, and image interpretation.digitizing table


Spatial Data Compilation

Tremendous amounts of digital spatial data are now available for GIS use from public and private sources. The careful compilation and integration of these data substantially reduces the time and cost of GIS database development.  Unfortunately, there can be many pitfalls in the use of public data sources and each data set should be carefully evaluated.


Data Validation and Correction

Over time, GIS data can easily become riddled with spatial and attribute errors that have adverse effects on your GIS processing including slow access speeds, large file sizes, inaccurate analysis results, and software crashes. GRS has developed a suite of in-house validation and automated repair software and integrated workflows that identify and remove errors from your GIS data.


Custom Data Translation

GRS specializes in complex GIS file translations between digital spatial formats.  If you have existing data in unusual or obsolete formats, you can preserve these data investments.


Cartographic and Plotting Services

Although many GIS practitioners enjoy the process of creating maps and plots using their spatial data, the process can be frustrating and time consuming.  GRS can assimilate your data with your design concepts and intent to create cartographic products that are functional and pleasing to the eye.


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