Geographic Resource Solutions

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Spatial Data Compilation

Tremendous amounts of digital spatial data are now available for GIS use from public and private sources. The careful compilation and integration of these data substantially reduces the time and cost of GIS database development.  Unfortunately, there can be many pitfalls in the use of public data sources and each data set should be carefully evaluated.

US Fish and Wildlife Service GISGRS will find data sources that are appropriate to your application and compile these varied data sources into a unified GIS database. GRS begins by determining your analysis and presentation needs and then performing the research to identify available data sources.  GRS then evaluates these sources for content, accuracy, precision, and currency to determine if they should be included in your spatial database.

During the compilation process, there are many important issues to be considered such as projections, datum transformations, spatial accuracy, spatial precision, attribute accuracy, and topological integrity.  GRS has the advantage of over 25 years of experience compiling comprehensive GIS databases for our clients.


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant