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Spatial Data Conversion/Digitizing

The greatest single cost in implementing a GIS is the conversion of your existing printed maps and CAD data to GIS format. This process can be a daunting task and can easily overwhelm (and delay) the GIS implementation process.  GRS has extensive experience in the development of GIS data though digitizing, scanning, CAD-conversion, and image interpretation.digitizing table


GRS works with our clients to develop comprehensive conversion specifications based on data source analysis and needs analysis.  GRS then provides high quality digitizing, scanning, and conversion services integrated with complete data verification to assure the value of this investment.

GRS frequently develops application software to support our conversion projects.  These applications automate workflows and provide interactive guidence to conversion technicians who are performing complex spatial data development and attribute reconcilliation.  For example, by using existing tabular databases to guide the development of the related spatial data, we can integrate attributes into feature development (length, orientation, symbol, label, etc..), eliminate key-in errors, and ensure the relationships are maintained.  Many of our applications continue to be used by our clients for the maintenance and expansion of their spatial databases.

Final output is available in a variety of geo-spatial formats compatible with all major software vendors.

  • ArcGIS
  • MapInfo
  • MGE (Intergraph)
  • GeoMedia
  • AutoDesk
  • Microstation
  • GML

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