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Remote Sensing Consultation

GRS can assist you in the integration of Remote Sensing processes and imagery to develop your enterprise natural resource information solutions. GRS's extensive experience in remote sensing technologies combined with the wide range of products offered by image providers and government agencies allow us to provide you with a complete remote sensing solution.

LIDAR Tree Crown MappingGRS has developed the most innovative approaches for field sample design and data collection.  GRS provides consultation specifically in these topics so that projects are developed with the most comprehensive, usable , and accurate data sets, but at a cost and effort that is typically the same or less than the typical image processing project.  GRS's use of statistically-based sample designs using standardized and objective processes enable the development and use of the most descriptive field and project data and information.

GRS image processing specialists have been invited to present the results of our projects and processes at conferences and seminars throughout the U.S. and Canada.   GRS has also published  our results and techniques in magazines such as GIS World, Earth Observation Magazine, and Geo Info Systems.


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant