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Consulting Services

Geographic Information Systems (GIS) Consulting

GRS consultants have extensive experience in all phases of the entire GIS life-cycle. Our consultants understand issues and concerns regarding GIS mapping projects and offer valuable insight on GIS applications. Available system resources and on-line projects also allow GRS to prototype system designs and application workflows before they are implemented.

  • System Design and Implementation
  • Upgrade and Migration
  • System Management
  • Off-Site GIS Maintenance
  • Training
  • Litigation Consultation

GIS Design and Implementation

GRS system designers will develop a GIS customized to a client's particular needs. Our consultants appraise appropriate hardware and software options, design the GIS databases, install software and verify specifications - everything necessary to assure a quality system.


System Upgrade and Migration

GRS provides assistance in evaluating GIS upgrade options and can assist in the migration to a new operating system or GIS software environment. If you would like to implement a solution from a different software vendor, or simply to grow from a single seat to departmental or enterprise system, GRS is experienced with most major GIS solutions and has implement systems ranging from single-seat to enterprise wide. 


System Management

GRS is available for on-call technical and managerial support to review system status, work flow, and other technical aspects of a GIS project. GRS can also determine if a client's system is operating at peak efficiency by testing the system's capabilities and performance.


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant