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Bentley Systems

Microstation is a leader in professional foundation software for enterprise-scale engineering projects.  At GRS , we use Microstation for digitizing, editing,  feature analysis, cleaning, compilation, and map output.  GRS consultants and developers have been working with Microstation for over 25 years.


Microstation is the foundation for the MGE suite of GIS products from Intergraph Corporation.  As part of our comprehensive MGE consultation and data services offerings, GRS has mastered Microstation and has developed a number of specialized application for data validation and workflow automation.Bentley Systems

Primarily known for superior drafting, design, visualization, database management, and modeling abilities, Microstation utilizes a consistent, easy-to-learn user interface on all supported platforms - including Windows and UNIX-based workstations and is a key component to collaborative engineering over the Internet and corporate intranets.

Visit the Microstation web site.

GRS offers customized training, data services, and applications development for Bentley Systems' Microstation.


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant