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Forest Managment GIS Design - Medco

GRS was hired by Medite Corporation (MEDCO)to perform the design and development of a forest management GIS. owns and manages over 160,000 acres of forest land on Southwestern Oregon.  Graphic and attribute data for over 160,000 acres in Southwestern Oregon were digitized. 


Forest Management GIS Implementation

GRS was contracted by Barnum Timber Company for the design and implementation of an integrated resource management GIS.  GRS performed a needs assessment and designed GIS and tablular database table structures store base map and resource themes.


Lease Management GIS Design and Support

GRS provides primary support to ConocoPhillips Alaska’s Exploration and Lands departments.   GRS initially developed and implemented the Land/Lease management GIS for CPAI (then, ARCO Alaska).  This system provides current land status for CPAI management and strategic planning.  The system also provides the base data for CPAI cartographic map products. GRS remains on call to CPAI providing a variety of consulting and geospatial data services.


Enterprise GIS Design Consulting

GRS provided comprehensive consulting services to Champion International for over 3 years during the redesign of their entire corporate GIS.  Working closely with the Forest Information Systems department and technical foresters, GRS provided technical consultation for needs analysis, conceptual GIS design, and system evaluation.  Mr Koltun facilitated system and database design workshops with Champion personnel, provided technical consultation, and acted as a liaison for GIS-vendor relations. 


GSA# GS-10F-0451NESRI Consultant